• Adventure
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    In the right environment, every day can be an adventure.

    Children in quality child care learn new things every day. Their teachers use stories and play as tools.

    Children are encouraged to act out stories of their own. Learning is fun!

  • Discovery
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    Experiment and observe. Experiment some more. This is how children make discoveries. These children are learning about cause and effect. They are reaching a greater understanding of the laws of nature.

  • Dramatic Play
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    Dramatic Play

    Dramatic play unlocks children's minds and helps them develop social skills.

    It allows them to create their own stories. They learn to play and to solve problems as their stories develop.

    Dramatic play makes children aware of other people's feelings. They learn to work and play together.

  • Exploration
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    Your toddler is constantly on the move. They are learning how the world works. They need the proper tools for their exploration. They need toys and materials that shake, rolle or make noise.

    They also need a caregiver that will get on their level to explore with them.

  • Happiness
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    Your baby was born learning. Every word and action is a lesson for your baby. Positive early experiences play a big part in your baby's development and happiness.

  • Imagination
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    Imagination is essential to the learning process. It allows us to solve problems. It enables creativity.

    Imagination allows us to see what is not there and to create it. It is a skill for life.

    When teachers and parents model play, read and tell stories, children learn to imagine.

  • Learning
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    It's the people, not the toys that make child care high quality. When teachers model play, children learn to imagine.

    A simple toy like a block can become a car or a space ship, a stick of butter or a phone.

  • Life Skills
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    Life Skills

    Choosing child care is an important decision. High quality child care sets the stage for how well your child learns.

    Their early years guide how they feel about themselves. This is the time they find their place in the world.

  • Literacy
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    Literacy is a process that begins in infancy. The process involves all of your child's care givers.

    Quality child care helps lead your child to reading and writing

  • Math
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    Children learn by doing. They learn best when they are having fun.

    Babies learn math concepts in songs and rhymes. Toddlers develop the skills to understand math through play. Blocks and balls are their tools.

    Play grocery shopping gives meaning to numbers. Pretend cooking teaches measurement and order of events.